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Single Payer Lobby Day Sacramento Action 2013

STUDENT ACTION: Support the students during their Day of Action on Monday, February 11th at 11:45am at the Capitol Steps facing “L” Street. A map is here. More information for students is here.

CAMPAIGN FOR A HEALTHY CALIFORNIA ACTION: After the student action – join the Campaign for a Healthy California in their march and rally at the Associated Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) offices to draw press to the fact that insurance companies are just useless middlemen who bring no value to our health care system. This action will start around 1pm. Instructions for this action will be provided after the student rally and lunch will be provided.

What to wear: Bring your “health professional attire” (white coat/scrubs/your badge, etc). Let’s show the community watching who we are and why we are here in this captivating way.

Transportation: Getting there is easy, as the Campaign for a Healthy California will have free buses leaving from all over Northern California. See the flyer with bus information here.

Flashmob: This year CaHPSA is introducing a flashmob in attempt to raise media awareness and go viral. If you would like to participate, simply click the link below to view the video and learn the dance.

Full choreography – (2 minutes)

Tip: When watching the videos, please keep in mind to move in synchronization with the choreographer, Makou. If she moves her left foot, you move your left foot, too! It is important to imagine the video as if Makou is dancing in front of you. Her professional dance team will lead us on this day in front!


PNHP California

PS – If you have friends, family or colleauges in the Los Angeles area – please tell them about the LA solidarity event happening simultaneously. More information about the LA Solidarity event here.