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Paul Friedman, MD

Paul J. Friedman, M.D.
Professor Emeritus of Radiology (Chest Radiology)

MD, Yale University, 1960; elected to Alpha Omega Alpha in 1959, and a James Hudson Brown Fellow at Oxford University in 1957-58. Undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin in 1955, where he was elected to Pi Mu Epsilon and Phi Beta Kappa. Fellow in Academic Medicine of the Picker Foundation, 1966-68, studying pulmonary pathology under A.A.Liebow, and first Markle Scholar at UCSD 1969-74. Head of Chest Radiology at UCSD from 1968-2001; served as assistant professor, associate professor and professor of Radiology. He has been a member of the Fleischner Society since 1970. From 1982-95, he was the Associate Dean and Dean for Academic Affairs of the School of Medicine. Professor Emeritus of Radiology since 2001, he now studies quantitative pulmonary CT and was chair of the Radiology Academic Personnel Committee from 2003 to 2008.

Dr. Friedman has written or co-authored 98 original papers, as well as editorials, reviews, chapters, and commentaries. Special interests in chest radiology include CT of the lungs and MR of the heart and lungs; he also studies anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the lung. With the current interest in COPD, he has an active role in developing the CT findings of the various phenotypes for a variety of research projects.

He has had substantial decanal experience and interest in research ethics and conflict of interest; chair of an NIH/AAMC workshop on research integrity in San Diego in 1990; panel member at a series of legal workshops for misconduct officers and administrators sponsored by the AAAS; member of the DHHS advisory committee on research integrity from 1991-94; guest editor of an issue of Academic Medicine on Integrity in Biomedical Research, in 1993; chair of the AUR committee that wrote Standards for Authorship and Publication in Academic Radiology, 1993; chair of the AAMC Committee on Research Integrity from 1994-97 and produced the publication, “Developing a Code of Ethics in Research: A Guide for Scientific Societies.” From 2001-04, member of the NIH study section for Research on Research Integrity, serving two years as chair; member of the AAAS-ABA National Conference of Lawyers and Scientists from 2000-06, the last year as co-chair.

Dr. Friedman observed the irrationality of health care insurance many years ago, and was aware of the Clinton’s failure to develop a new federal system. More recently, he learned of the efforts in California and the nation to institute a government-paid system for health care, as is done now in all other industrial countries in the world. He wondered why this hasn’t been adopted in this country and would like to explore this question with business leaders and thoughtful members of the public in San Diego.